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Our main focus is to give business the cutting edge personal


Baja Signs are an amazing way of advertising your business.
Baja Sign can design a phenomenal sign for your business to get the message across to your potential customers. In addition, we offer FREE ESTIMATES by going to your location, taking pictures of your business, and doing a site survey by measuring the area where the sign is going to be placed. This gives us a complete overview of the type of sign that would be best for your company needs. 

The First Step


Baja Signs will help you plan the most efficient and durable product for your needs. We work with you to review site plans and landscaping, discuss positioning color, and materials. Estimators produce comprehensive cost estimates, free of charge. We get all the facts and figures, so that your sign will fit the environment and your needs, projecting the right image for your company.


We strive to provide our customers with high-quality, functional and aesthetically-pleasing signs. We are using quality materials, advanced fabrication technologies, the skill, the expertise, and the dedication to develop the best signage.

Our Goals


We are using quality materials, the skill, the expertise, and the dedication of our professionals to develop the best signage. We will work to ensure that your signage works for you. For a signage that proves quality, affordable cost, durability, and fast turnaround.

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